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I am all for new skaters but if your gonna say you skate then skate!!! don’t go to these parks that when i was your age i didn’t have and start smoking blunts and sitting on the grind box or the manny pads or the fun box you new guys annoy the shit out of me because u got all the tools me and my friends didn’t have when we started skating back in the day you have phones with camera we were lucky if we had beepers you got a skate park on every freaking borough most of them have like 5 in one borough and you complain that you want more! we had   or 5 parks here and most of which were toilet water! you have no creativity most of u cant find a spot to skate if it slapped u in the face and you always have the nerve to ask for free shit when its undeserved you wanna meet bros and get in the in crowd then don’t be a fucking a brat if i see one of you skate in front of me i shall beat u with a rusty axe you spoiled little bastards

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